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Equity Brokerage

An ideal solution for a higher return investment over a longer term period

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Longer-term period, higher returns. If your orientation of success involves bigger returns over the long-term investment, stocks investing is your perfect answer. The funds invested in the listed stocks represent ownership in a company. In the short term, stocks can be risky for your financial fitness, but after several years or decades, investing in them is proven to be rewarding. Choosing the right equity investment is critical to achieve your long-term goals. Hence, we provide first-class benefits in addition to daily updates such as:

  • First access in investment banking transactions

  • State-of-the-art remote trading and back-end infrastructure systems

  • Dedicated sales trading team working on full time basis to execute orders and keep clients informed with stock and market update

  • Competitive fees

Fixed Income Brokerage

A practicable, lower risk option for your investment

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For those who prefer stability involving a regular and reliable income flow in the short term, we proudly recommend you our Fixed Income products such as medium term notes, negotiable certificate of deposits, and bonds –including conventional or syariah-compliant bonds, government, corporate, or retail bonds (ORI) and Sukuk. These instruments are suitable to get a higher return than bank saving with a manageable risk.

Our professional team of traders, brokers, and analysts ensure that you will be equipped with prime ideas to trade in primary as well as secondary market.


Online Trading

The ultimate online trading tools at your fingertips

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